Theremin on John Oliver

Posted: 10/31/2018 12:16:58 PM

Joined: 10/23/2014

First a bagpipe, then an accordian joins in, then a theremin. Bagpipe starts at about 19:00
I believe it is our own Rob Schwimmer on the theremin!

Posted: 10/31/2018 2:22:51 PM

From: Minnesota USA

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I guess we now know where the theremin is ranked among musical instruments.  The bagpipe starts at about 17:29 for me.

It reminds me of the oft-told Leo Kottke story about accordians, but it could apply to theremins as well...

"Charlie told me about a friend of his — I mentioned Charlie Richards who was...who is an accordion player — who stopped at a bar somewhere on the way home from work, a wedding or something, and hesitated for a moment because he’d locked the accordion up in the car, but it was in the back seat where it could be seen.  But who’s going to steal an accordion? So he went on in.  And sure enough, when he came back out somebody had broken the window and put three more accordions in there."

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