Cheap and quick soundscape creation.

Posted: 4/8/2019 3:48:23 PM
the sparrow

From: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Joined: 3/30/2019

So excited that I had to share somewhere.

Zoom H1n recorder
stereo 1/8 to stereo 1/8 cable
Headphones or amp.

The headphone out of the theremini is connected to line in of H1n recorder using the 1/8 stereo cable.
the output of the H1n goes to headphone or amp.

Step 1 - record a bass drone line played on the theremini onto the H1N
Step 2 - using overdub function on H1n record a "melody" or effects track or whatever and end up with a combined track without destroying the original (if you need to revert back)
Step 3 -repeat for as thick layered track as you want.

The best part is I did not have to purchase anything else like a mixer or multitracker.

I know its a simple thing, but to me it is huge as one of my goals in getting the theremini was to create this kind of 'art music'

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