I'm Curious About Using LCR Meter for Theremin

Posted: 6/14/2019 9:50:57 PM

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In my latest experiments the coils can be 10%, I guess that means 20% for a two oscillator mismatch. My last two osc arrived in completely different neighborhoods. Sure would like a heads up in the future.

Here is a $35 bargain shipped right here in California so I bought it.

DER EE DE-5000 High Accuracy Handheld LCR Meter w/ TL-21 TL-22 New F/S Tracking

Think this might be what that other guy is using, it is $100 at Amazon.

Oh no... Not "me too"

Was reading JPascal pitch antenna stuff and something got me curious that I have never thought about. Seven linear octaves seems like a joke but six I would need about 2 kHz of audio at the fingertip next to pitch electrode and then back out for a linear demonstration. hum...

I still think the amount of energy driving the pitch electrode is important for the linearity phenomena to show up. What else is there the pitch oscillator and the electrode can exchange. This is why it works or it does not like normal pitch antennas?  There is "No" almost linear octaves in an Electrodeum pitch field.



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Maybe it can help you make inductors.

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