Which Theremin Should I Buy?

Posted: 7/9/2019 10:17:48 PM

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If the theremin you are interested in is not on this list then it is most likely engineer bullshit, wishful thinking from the dark side.

The Moog Epro
EtherWave Standard
The tVox Tour
A Burns Theremin
An RCA Theremin

Wow my Electodeum is on the list

No Theremini is listed directly

If a digital theremin shows up I will redo the list to include it.

Now Armen Ra I do not go that way but you make me want to be young again.

There will be an theremin awakening soon, just hope I get to experience it, I was invited.

Let us compare Apples to Apples and listen to different version of The Swan

There are subtle limitations and nuances in the feel of fluid theremin play that cannot be described with words but only heard in a performance. There is much more to it than just hitting notes.

A Collection of "The Swan" compare the different models, my design oldtemecula is the 4th one down. The Electrodeum

Always get a sound sample of any theremin model you are interested in and remember some Professional Thereminist follow up the audio out with a $5000 sound processor to get the results you hear so what you hear may be an illusion.

I sent my stuff to a Thereminist in St Petersburg Russia, friend of the Theremin family, where the original theremin was invented to get his honest opinion right out of the shipping box. A good design and a talented Thereminist is where the magic hides.


Here is the only digital theremin I could find

Posted: 7/10/2019 3:06:58 AM

From: Portland, Oregon

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Clara wins. Were you expecting something else? A I stated on the other thread, your hardware sounds wonderful and I want one

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