90’s Theremin Revival? Please clarify.

Posted: 1/29/2020 5:52:30 AM

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somewhere on the internet, I saw someone mention something about Theremins seeing a revival in the 90’s. 

I’d like to know what this means. I don’t recall much in terms of MTV bands using this instrument aside from Pixies on one song and, allegedly, Portishead. Was such a revival in pop music of the time or some other scene?

We’re there any especially interesting albums from the 90’s that represent this revival that was mentioned?

Posted: 1/29/2020 6:32:33 AM

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It started with Leon Theremin’s visit time Stanford and the documentary film Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey. Shortly after, the Paia Theremax and Big Briar Etherwave theremins became available as affordable theremins. 

Posted: 1/29/2020 10:08:37 PM

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Okay! I remember the documentary and I also remember Paia's theremin!

But were there any popular bands that were featuring the instrument around that time other than the bands I mentioned?

I'm aware of Lothar and the Hand People...and weren't there other acts like that in the 70s? 

But the 90s!!??

I'm hoping that someone might point me in the direction of some treasure trove of music that, while totally off the pop culture radar sits comfortably between De La Soul, Nirvana, Slint, Beastie Boys, Pavement, etc. (all the early 90s music I loved), AND prominently features a friggin' Theremin. 

Posted: 1/29/2020 11:23:15 PM

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fishbone are the most 90‘s band coming to my mind that used a theremin. 

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