Hi Everyone! Im A Newbie Who Is Left Handed, And About To Purchase His First Theremin! I Have A Few Questions.

Posted: 5/25/2020 9:46:25 AM

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Hi, I’m a lefty, too. I actually tried playing it turned around so my dominant left hand was playing pitch, but I found I had better control playing it in the standard righty orientation. 

I played my Moog for a couple months as a newbie (still am) and every single time, I found turning it around to play lefty made it more challenging. I suppose we are all different.

If you’ve not experimented, I suggest doing so and not getting hung up on the lefty concept. It is hard, because we live in a world where even on/off buttons on power tools are placed for righty orientation. We sort of get programmed for thinking we need to modify, when sometimes, we do not. Guitars for instance (and I build guitars for a living) are actually easier for lefties to learn and play righty, in the standard position because making chords is with the left hand! The thinking is actually flawed when lefties turn their guitars around.

On the theremin the nuances of volume for me, and its importance in seeking the proper notes, the relationship of pitch to volume, hinting at previewing notes as you subtly slip into the correct pitch, is more controlled with the left hand on the volume antenna , as a lefty.

Good luck!

Posted: 5/25/2020 10:05:52 AM
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Hi Luthier, yes I think if you start at the begening to play it like a righty you will not have any problem because it is a totally new gesture your brain have to adapt, naturally I was lefty as a child (but forced to use right hand) and I play theremin like all righty, (whereas on a cello for example we usually make the notes with the left hand which is strange if you think because lots of people are right handed and it requires more precision than handling the archer) maybe you will be more expressive with your left hand with the loop volume I don't know. By the way I've just seen on an other topic that you have order a Voicematic Subscope (I do too!! ) did you receive it? I would love to hear you play with it.

Posted: 5/25/2020 10:45:13 AM

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Yes, Dominic is nearly done. The COVID-19 has slowed things down, so his normal delivery time to build was delayed, but he is now doing final assembly. I am very excited to receive this in the next couple of weeks. I will hopefully be able to share photos and a video, soon.

As I am still only playing for a few months, the advice of people here will be welcomed. I am a firm believer that we learn faster and develop better connection and expressiveness with a high-quality instrument. Too many people make the mistake of buying a lesser instrument to learn on. Quality of tone and voice is just as vital in an instrument as technique, when we are just learning.

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