Theremin "different sound"

Posted: 4/20/2020 8:16:03 PM

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I know I have amateur question - my Etherwave plus has "electric voice" like in the first video. But everybody has sound like in the second video, like violin. I was really looking for an answer, on forums etc. but I can't find any simple answer. What do they exactly use? Some pedals? What pedals, how do I set it up? I just want to hear name of it. :-D
Thank you for your patience with me.


Posted: 4/20/2020 9:20:45 PM

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Hello Martin,

That second video sounds like a whistle or flute too me, pretty though.

Now my theremin sound is a violin, today how it is done is secret. 

She cries with emotion, not like sterile digital noise.

I showed everyone the circuit for eight years and was bashed by losers that would not reproduce her.

It is done with $5 in parts and special knowledge. 


Posted: 4/20/2020 9:48:11 PM

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The whole amplification chain up to and including the loudspeaker influence the eventual voice/timbre. It starts with the waveform and brightness controls on the Etherwave, next are optional effect pedals and/or preamp, then your (instrument) amplifier and the options it has for tone control / eqalisation and perhaps reverb. To tame a 'too electronical' voice don't set the brightness very high and further up the chain you also may need to reduce the 'high' tone control. Adding a touch of reverb, either with an effect pedal or if the amplifier has it built in you can use that. I'm sometimes using an 'acoustic simulator' effect that meant to make an electric guitar sounds like an acoustic, and this can add some cello/violin character by simulating/adding resonance and filtering effect the guitars body has. But I don't think that many thereminists use an acoustic guitar simulator and it's manly the setting for the various controls that influence the tone and finding a way to set it that sounds best to your ears. A graphical equalizer pedal will probably give even more control over timbres than the tone settings on your keyboard/instrument amplifier in combination with the waveform and brightness setting on the theremin itself.
I would start with the amplification/loudspeaker chain set to as flat response as possible, then get as close to the sound one wants with the EW's control dials and then refine it with optional pedals and the dials on the amplifier, sometimes going back in the chain to re-adjust something until you find a sound you like.
What kind of amplifier are you using with your Etherwave?

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