Adding movie list using theremin

Posted: 5/10/2020 12:53:53 PM

From: Gaithersburg

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Just watched the 1974 movie Hurricane ( starring Larry Hagman)l - on Amazon prime. Sounds like a theremin throughout the movie Not on movie list. Wondering if anyone could confirm and add to site. 

Posted: 5/10/2020 2:57:17 PM

From: The East of the Netherlands

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The soundtrack appears to be by Vic Mizzy.
The music from the movie is on Youtube and in the info box it says:"The movie was produced by Edward Montange who also produced all of the Don Knott's Universal Films which were all scored by Vic Mizzy. The film starred Larry Hagman, Michael Learned and Will Geer (Momma and Grandpa Walton), Martin MIlner, Patrick Duffy and Frank Sutton (Sgt. Carter from Gomer Pyle) in his last role before his passing shortly after filming ended. Mizzy uses the Theremin in this Finale/End Title music."

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