My Repertoire

Posted: 9/20/2020 11:58:10 AM

From: Halifax, Canada (east coast)

Joined: 7/28/2019

My "repertoire" - I practice a few from this list every day.

• Autumn Leaves - the jazz classic. I play along to the Eric Clapton version.
• In A Monastery Garden by Ketelby - makes you think about all the different sounds a theremin *could* make
• On The Street Where You Live - one of my favourite songs ever and a fun solo. I practice to a karaoke version
• Gershwin's Summertime: I play along to a theremin version or a karaoke one
• Once Upon A Time In The West - surpassingly beautiful tune - needs accompanyment
• Somewhere Over The Rainbow - should be in everyone's repertoire
• Happy Birthday, ditto
• All Of Me, play along to the Ella Fitzgerald version. BRUTALLY difficult and challenging for me
• Sunrise Sunset from Fiddler On The Roof
• Hymn To Freedom by Oscar Peterson
• Air On The G String by Bach - good long tone practice OR harmony practice
• Da Slockit Light -- fiddle tune that my boyfriend's daughter plays, I'd like to be able to play with her some day.

Posted: 9/20/2020 4:34:15 PM

From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Joined: 1/1/2011

Thanks for posting.  It's always nice to see what others are practicing.

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