Where can I buy a power cord for my Etherwave?

Posted: 4/8/2021 7:06:08 AM

Joined: 2/16/2018

My Moog Etherwave creates a buzz sound when connected to a speaker or recording device. I have tested everything else and now think it must be the power supply. I tried ordering one from Adorama but it turns out they are backordered. I can't seem to find one anywhere else online. Does anyone have any suggestions on who might have these stocked? Thank you!

Posted: 4/8/2021 9:19:20 AM

From: Minnesota USA

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Here is one for 110v:


But since the Etherwave's power supply is a simple 14vac transformer it's more likely to be either good or completely bad with no output at all, so you should check it with an AC voltmeter first if you can.  The output pins are labeled on the adapter, and if the AC voltage looks okay you may have a deeper problem in the Etherwave's power section.  Check diodes D2 and D3, capacitors C19 and C20, and regulators U1 and U2. 

Also make sure that you are looking in the right place. I would characterize a buzz and a hum as two different things when troubleshooting. Try the theremin in a different room in a different part of the house to see if it acts the same;  this will help rule out a poor ground or radio frequency noise from a nearby source.  Also the power supply or the Etherwave's power circuit is more likely at fault if the buzz has a characteristic 30Hz or 60Hz sound. 

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