The Star Spangled Banner is theremin a la Hendrix by Carlos Antenna

Posted: 7/4/2021 10:05:38 PM

From: Brooklyn

Joined: 8/15/2009

Hey, man! I just dropped some acid and am having a flashback! (Ok, I lie sometimes…) A very noisy and sometimes out of tune theremin version of The Star Spangled Banner a la Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock to celebrate July 4th… and guitars that go out of tune… and who cares?! Rough, wild, psychedelic & crazy is fine some days… like today! (I’ll get back to being refined some other day… perhaps.) I think I put this down maybe a year or so ago when BLM were marching down my block while I was recording, Trump was still President, nobody had been vaccinated and nothing was taken for granted...

Posted: 7/5/2021 12:46:56 PM

From: Minnesota USA

Joined: 11/27/2015


What is the setup for this?  Is it an external synth?

Posted: 7/20/2021 2:03:17 PM

From: Brooklyn

Joined: 8/15/2009

No, just fuzz and some ring mod on occasion. Here’s a longer test version. Kinda terrible but fun

Posted: 7/21/2021 6:31:32 PM

From: Berlin Germany

Joined: 4/27/2016

Reminds me of the great Woodstock version of Jimmy Hendrix.

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