Open Thermin v3 potentiometers

Posted: 8/8/2021 12:51:19 PM

Joined: 8/8/2021

I recently completed the builder they OT v3. Prior to the build a glanced over the build instructions and thought of it as a very straightforward soldering job. Did initial testing and everything seemed to calibrate and sound good. However I did sit and finally read Word for Word the build instructions and noticed that there was a comment that mentioned only soldering the three potentiometer connection points. And not soldering the two hold downs. 

I did solder the potentiometer hold downs to the board. Is this going to cause any interference or long-term issue? My guess is it was so that removing a potentiometer would be easier in the future.

Thanks for any help!

Posted: 8/8/2021 2:43:19 PM

Joined: 10/24/2020

It will be fine. I soldered my first one that way, and it lives on!

Welcome to the deep deep hole of theremin DIY...

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