Newer theremin player

Posted: 10/3/2021 1:20:51 AM

Joined: 10/3/2021

Hi! I'm a newer theremin player. I come from a violin background and have been self-teaching on an Etherwave Plus with the ESP01 mod. Today my Claravox arrived and I found this forum when researching some odd things it's been doing. I'm looking forward to learning from you all!

Posted: 10/3/2021 6:13:59 PM

From: Northern NJ, USA

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Welcome Kimberly! 

What is your Claravox doing that seems odd?  Also, what is the serial number?

Posted: 10/5/2021 12:16:06 PM

From: Canada

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Hi Kimberly, Welcome to the wonderful world of the theremin, and congratulations on your new CLARAVOX. 

Have you read my post in CLARAVOX CENTENNIAL - known issues, bugs and quirks? If so, have you noticed a “ghost frequency” in the higher registers?

It seems to me from all the problems we have been hearing about since the CLARAVOX was introduced, that the instrument was released before sufficient research and development had been done by the company. This also happened with the Etherwave Pro theremin, but that was understandable since, at that time, Bob Moog was in the early stages of the illness that eventually took his life, and wanted to get the instrument out as soon as possible. 

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