Gabriella Brief History, Keppinger Mark 1, Chassis No. 10

Posted: 10/3/2022 3:57:52 PM

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Brief History of Gabriella: My theremin is a Mark Keppinger design, Mark 1, Chassis No. 10. Completed early 2008 with custom cabinetry; the wood is cherry. The antennas are exact brass replicas of the original RCA theremin; machine work by Rudd Long, local architect. The interior upper shelf (tonal chassis) was autographed by Lydia Kavina at Etherfest 2008. The coils were obtained from Uncle Howie (he is with the Lord now) for a trade; he was given coils to play with and had really nothing to do with them. I bought Uncle Howie a Water Pick (yes, true) and had it shipped to him for the complete set of coils. Howard Mossman was the Grand Dean of the theremin community with a strong background in electronics. The cabinet was built by the master cabinet maker for Chapparal boats, in Nashville, Georgia (Near Valdosta). My wife and father in law conspired to have the cabinet built for me on the occasion of our seventh wedding anniversary in 2007 for free. The cabinet does not have a single nail in it.....beautiful workmanship. I finished fitting the electronics, antennas, etc. into Gabs right before Etherfest 2008. My bride, Dr. Sheri Neidlinger, named the theremin Gabriella. Gabriella is the name of a fairy who sings to a despondent man to heal his wounded soul; I cannot remember the movie's name.

Philip Neidlinger
3 October 22

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