Inserting image files

Posted: 1/2/2023 6:51:02 PM

Joined: 12/30/2022

Can someone tell me how to use the insert image dialog box?  I don't know what to put in the URL box to access my files.  I tried things like //192.168.0.XX/home/pi/pictures/image.jpg, but haven't gotten it to work.  I can copy a jpg file and paste it in the typing window, but the image is way too large. 

Posted: 1/2/2023 8:28:03 PM

From: Northern NJ, USA

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You need to be able to link your picture from the web.  If you want you can stick it in a TW photo album, but don't copy the thumbnail link.  Roger gives pretty good instructions here:  But you can't resize by grabbing a corner anymore, you have to explicitly size it at the time of insert.

If you specify the width to something reasonable like 640 or 800 that works pretty well and will scale both dimensions:

Posted: 1/2/2023 8:57:42 PM

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What a roundabout way to do it.  Thanks dewster.

Posted: 1/2/2023 11:28:48 PM

From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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What a roundabout way to do it.  Thanks dewster.

I upload the photos I want to post to my account at "".  I have only used the site for posting here but the photos do have a URL assigned to them that way.   You're right it is a roundabout way to do it.

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