Thereminist's vocal ability while playing.

Posted: 11/3/2023 3:54:25 PM

From: The East of the Netherlands

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Perhaps we upload our vocal beginning(s) here, from a decent performance point (we feel good showing?) Not at all meaning these beginnings would be without error(s)!  At least mine, guarantee errors while recording! I could post a less than 4 star performance and be ok with it. Feel that more people could witness the progress and get inspired to try.While playing theremin in-the-zone, this vocal ability is easier. Yes?

Sounds like an interesting plan/idea. We can't directly upload results here to the forum, they need to be uploaded somewhere else (like a website, cloud service, YouTube) and then ca be linked here in the forum. It is interesting as a still largely unexplored area and as you wrote, documenting our progress may be inspirational for others as well.

Posted: 12/4/2023 9:23:57 AM

From: 30 km south of Paris (France)

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This is not a beginner's vocal performance.
In this piece, written fot Carolina Eyck, she has to sing and play the theremin at the same time.
And not the same tune !

This kind of music is not my cup of tea but you may appreciate the performance.
If you do not want to listen to the whole piece, she starts singing around 10:40 and also from 26:30 to the end.

Posted: 1/23/2024 6:07:13 PM

From: The ethers

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Sorry, I didn't intend to let so much time pass on this project. We're not recording lately.  Last time I tried singing along, noticed it's (for me) possible because the songs I normally attempt have a simple melody that may harmonize well even if I'm not along exact.

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