Clara's theremin now

Posted: 4/19/2023 4:07:23 PM

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Hello there, 

if I am right, it was Dalit Warshaw who recieved Clara's instrument, however there are two videos on youtube of her playing on it. Do we know in what condition is the instrument now? It seems that Dalit Warshaw does not react about the topic about Clara's theremin and I think it's a pity, this instrument of deserves care and it would if there will be opportunity to professionaly measure it etc. 

However we know that Bob Moog and also Reid Welch had notes about scheme of the instrument. This great man from Germany has also antoher scheme Link
Is it almost complete for potencial replica or there are probably missing much more things?

Thank you, I am interested in this topic of Clara's instrument. 

Posted: 4/19/2023 5:15:50 PM

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If you are after the original classic Theremin Phenomenon then study JPascal and my own theremin research.  I have never worked in electronics so expressing proper engineer-eeze lingo sometimes got in my way in this forum.

I sent my research to St Petersburg Russia in 2020 for the 100 year theremin celebration. Right out of the shipping box Valery Shamarin is able to perform without any major warm up as my design has ideal linearity and the sound many Classic Thereminist’s are after.

I know of no one that has duplicated my research (not easy) though it has been completely posted on-line for 20 years. Many are after a simple digital approach to replace a natural analog phenomenon.


Posted: 4/20/2023 8:00:02 PM
Yngvox Moogsteen

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The violin sound you have achieved is amazing.  I would love to play one of your theremins.  Best violin sound I have heard.  You should be very proud.  If I wasn’t in Illinois I would love to visit.  If interested in a trade for another instrument let me know.
  Great sound..

Posted: 4/20/2023 10:03:00 PM

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Yngvox Moogsteen

If you lived nearby I might come out of retirement and pick up a soldering iron once again.

Thank you for the kind words. When I got my first inspiration to build a theremin it told me it could be done using only Radio Shack components, a store here in the States. So my first Avatar or name in this TW forum was RS Theremin.

The Theremin Phenomenon is actually simple yet illusive so requires very special knowledge. What fascinates me about my own theremin journey. . .to this day I have never met a Thereminist or an engineer to help guide me with my own theremin design, never played a musical instrument. . maybe that was the intention of the original inspiration.

This is my favorite performance of my design done by Valery Shamarin in St Petersburg Russia. For me it seems like it channels an angel weeping about these crazy times.


Posted: 4/21/2023 1:24:15 PM

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Ok, anyway I wanted to know if the theremin is still working, in what condition is, if there are actual photos... It's unique instrument. 

Posted: 4/21/2023 6:08:26 PM

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If you are in phoenix you can see it here:

My guess would be it’s still playable but as a museum piece I doubt they would power it up except for a special occasion 

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"If you are in phoenix you can see it here:"  - bendra

The video on that page just zips by Clara's Theremin like it isn't even there! :-(

Posted: 4/21/2023 8:25:45 PM

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Thanks Bendra

In life is anything really a coincidence? My theremin design in a museum in St Petersburg Russia is known as the Phoenix.


Clara’s theremin is first sited at 2:15

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