Control theremin pitch with cv from eurorack

Posted: 8/10/2023 12:46:29 PM

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I might be able to find an oscilloscope, but it will take some weeks as I'm away from home. Will let u know! 

Posted: 8/10/2023 2:12:20 PM

From: Berlin Germany

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Give that project the time it needs...

Posted: 8/10/2023 5:03:00 PM

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JPascal’s research in advancing the classic theremin I respect. There are a handful of ways to tune a theremin RF oscillator. As seen in my image below the red X is a terminal where a variable voltage applied drives an opto-isolator VO618A  Data Sheet. With a full range of audio sweep with the CV or control voltage... the CV source can be over three meters away from the theremin setup, a practical approach by any means. JP could do this but the OP?

Edit: The proper theremin design should rise above sounding like a beached walrus or budget whistle to be something more expressive or angelic. -

The sound of this vacuum tube board is the Theremin Phenomenon that has a soul.


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