I got invited to jam on Landjuweel Festival 2023 in Ruigoord, the Netherlands (video impressions)

Posted: 8/12/2023 11:45:44 AM

From: The East of the Netherlands

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At the Landjuweel Festival, celebrating the village Ruigoord was squatted by a group of artists 50 years ago in 1973, I was invited to jam along with Le + Me Music / Menno Percussion, and also to play along in a Cacao Ceremony with Kirtan singing. A friend, Susanne, filmed some of the jam at the outside stage of De Salon with her phone.

I had my Subscope theremin and H&K ERA1 acoustic amp with me, and because of the small stage I set up in front of the stage to minimize people getting into my fields, something I've more often done at jam sessions.  

Initially Menno had invited me thinking I would play the didgeridoo, but I had no didgeridoo matching their handpans' key, so I told him I would play along with my theremin, and he didn't know what a theremin was and if that would fit, but afterwards he was pretty much convinced, and I got plenty of nice compliments from the other musicians and people in the audience.

Posted: 8/14/2023 8:23:58 PM

From: germany, kiel

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Thanks for sharing Robert. Nice to know that you have had a good time.

Posted: 8/16/2023 5:07:38 AM

From: Russia

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This is wonderful.

Very lively, really, real open air))

Posted: 8/16/2023 6:30:03 PM
Yngvox Moogsteen

From: The Middle

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 I juggled sticks at over 60 Grateful Dead show.  Looks like same positive crowd and Energy.  Good to see Theremin exposed to new people.  Theremin, to me, is the ultimate Zen experience connecting body, mind, and soul. Keep up the good work.
Have fun,
I would like to connect juggling and Theremin.
Just for fun maybe using the digital aspects of the Claravox and Quantified scales so stick movement in the field can can produce enjoyable sounds.
Enjoyed your video.
Thanks again 

Posted: 8/21/2023 7:44:24 AM

From: Russia

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It also seemed to me a relationship with the atmosphere of the times of the Grateful Dead))

Posted: 8/25/2023 3:31:21 AM

From: The East of the Netherlands

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A brief history of Ruigoord: originally Ruigoord was a small island, later it got connected to the main land by poldering. In the early 70s, Amsterdam wanted to expand their harbour to compete with Rotterdam, and Ruigoord would have to disappear for that. Many of the inhabitants of the small village were bought out, but had to stay in the houses until the demolition, to prevent squatting. The pastor of the church was disgruntled by the affair and had decided to give the key to the church to some artists from Amsterdam who were active in the Provo-movement. Around the same time a church in Amsterdam had been squatted and became Paradiso, nowadays one of the main Dutch pop music venues in Amsterdam. In summer 1973 when the artists got handed the key to the church a few days before the demolition crew would arrive, many of the village inhabitants that were bought out took their suitcases and left, leaving their front doors open and quickly more artist friends got invited and while a few of the original villagers stayed, including a lady who ran the small village shop, the now empty houses all got squatted, and when the demolition crew was about to come, even more friends came and formed a protecting circle around the village, and when the demolishers arrived they just turned around and left. For decades the expansion of the harbour was halted with countless court procedures, finally the expansion of the harbour did take place, but while the area outside the village was dug out, the village itself and the church can stay for the time being (in March this year it was decided for the coming 25 years) as Artists' Freespace, with studio's and as event-/festival-location.

For detailed history/information, see Wikipedia - Ruigoord

An idea that you also find at Rainbow Family Gatherings and I guess Greatful Dead concerts, is that everyone is in some way a participant and co-creator of a gesamt-kunstwerk, a communal work of art, where everybody contributes their talents and energy to the happening. Those do have common roots in the Beats, the hippy and post-hippie movements and the psychedelic revolution. There are also connections to similar places/groups like Christiania in Denmark.

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