I am a Slide Guitarist who has adapted an existing technique to Theremin. I play Theremin Left-Handed, as I have a lifetime's worth of neural specialisation (Left Hand for Pitch, Right Hand for Articulation) - I had to do the same for Trombone, too. A LINEAR PITCH FIELD is NO USE TO ME - the non-linear field of my Gakken Premium Theremin is actually A BETTER MATCH for the "12th root of two" law of guitar fret spacing that I am used to - I'd have to make a difficult adjustment to a more linear instrument. Consequently, my Pitch technique is Whole Arm, with fine-tuning and vibrato coming from the wrist. I got my Electronics Diploma in 1982, have run Musical Instrument Repair businesses and still build, fix and customise anything that catches my interest. I'm interested in the Digital possibilities for future theremins - with a fast enough processor, translating gestures in real-time should allow any desired Transfer Curve to be applied. In combination with a CV-controlled audio oscillator that actually DOES suffer Waveform Distortion during pitch changes, the resulting instrument would be indistinguishable from the best possible All Analogue design, but could be made to Auto Calibrate and feature no Pitch Drift. And yet - giant copper coils LOOK great...


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