Composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, electronic musician and recording artist/producer. Long history of work with experimental music. Member of Lothar and the Hand People which incorporated a Moog theremin along with rock instruments from 1965 - Jan., 1970. Recorded for Capitol Records. Debut as composer at Carnegie Hall, April, 1970. Sponsored by the Moog Company and Walter Sears. Later sponsored by Tonus, Inc. ( ARP Synthesizer '69-'71). Later by Norlin , Inc. for Moog Product Demos. (1978-'80 ) Co-developed hybrid computer and synth. " Composer" software program at Harvard Univ., 1969. Composer of many film and video music scores. Still active with project studio.


  • Location: colorado, USA
  • Theremins: moog, 1965; Gibson Maestro from late 1960's


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