RIP OFF ALERT- PhotoTheremin

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Of course, you could also have words with his local trading authorities. Just a thought.
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I see from that this thread has been referenced in the Erie PA news blog.

(Also see the first comment at the bottom of the page.)
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Time no longer has any meaning. Awesome.

This is the Twilight Zone, have a theremin.
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By the way, that address and phone number in ErieBlogs... completely wrong. Call either of the other Wolpers in Erie and I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction.
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hello, i am martin's (professor tv) brother. yes he is very far behind on his orders, and his record of being unreliable has gotten him banned from ebay, but he was not planning to scam anyone. he probably intended to fill every order on time, but the truth is that he is just plain lazy. he has never held a job or even sought employment since the previous millennium. he didnt even finish high school. he survives on the pity of his friends and the protecive instincts of his mother. trying to get your money back will be a waste of time unless you visit him accompanied either by thugs or a legal summons. his address (which you can also see on his website is 707 w. 8th street in erie, pa. 16502. he sleeps until about 2pm.
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First of all let me say that I am deeply sorry for the great inconvenience I have put some of my customers through, the ones that had to wait a very long time to receive their order and especially the one who are still waiting. It is true I have been a terrible businessman and my business has fallen apart because of it, but I never will defraud anyone, and everyone will receive the Photo-theremin they ordered or a refund very soon.

It's true, as my two brothers (kyufa and scoopdapoop) so brazenly point out, I have a lot of personal problems, so many that I was unable to carry on my business, but one thing that I am not is a crook or a scammer. I have full intention to fill or give refunds on all outstanding orders for the Photo-theremin as soon as possible. Believe me, I want to get this done and off my conscience just as much as people want their Photo-theremin or refund. I am in the process of selling everything of value that I own to hasten this resolve. After all outstanding orders are filled I have decided to release the schematic, parts list, templates, and construction directions to the public domain so anyone can build them for personal use or to sell. If I ever try to start a business like this again I will first make sure my family and pears are fully confidant that I have earned the skills needed to run a successful business or I will have someone with business skills run it for me, and then only if people are willing to forgive me for my past mistakes.

Believe it or not the vast majority of people who have a Photo-theremin love it. Out of the countless units I have sold only a few where ever returned because it wasn't what they originally thought it would be or they just didn't like it for some reason. All the testimonials on my website are from actual people. I'm ashamed that I have failed in my business because I'm sure there would be many more like those to come.

If you ordered a Photo-theremin from me in the past and you still have not received the unit or a refund, rest assured that I am busy trying to get either one to you as soon as I can. I will be contacting everyone who still has an outstanding order within the next week to let them know that I have not forgotten about them and to give a realistic estimate of when their order will be filled. If you would rather contact me first I have set up an email address specifically for outstanding order inquiries. The address is . This new address is necessary since the address posted on my website was bombarded with spam and has unreliable delivery both ways.

Again, I am deeply sorry for the great inconvenience I have caused anyone with an outstanding order and I am doing everything I can to rectify the situation as soon as possible.
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Soo... Prof TV, how are those Theremins coming along? Any news on mine or my refund?
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I would have thought twice about ordering from Professor Television if I'd had the foresight to Google "Professor Television" and "fraud" beforehand and found this page. His website still blithely claims that in-stock items ship within two days, but makes no mention at all of this monstrous backlog. There's even a sale--free shipping til Christmas, but what does that mean? So, after two months of repeated attempts to get hold of the Professor, I've referred this to the Pennsylvania AG.

If the Professor still reads this thread: it would be a good idea to let people know up front that there's a potentially very long wait for this item. Once Google Checkout starts letting people see your seller comments, this will be done for you.
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Wow, yet another victim. I checked the PhotoTheremin website around the time of my last posting and noticed that Martin (professor television) was trying to sell through a google account. I warned google that this guys is a criminal and also sent them a link to this thread. This is what they replied...


We appreciate your feedback regarding this issue.

We've forwarded this information to our specialists, who will take the
appropriate action. If you have any questions, feel free to respond to
this email.


The Google Checkout Team"

So, if anyone is having issues with professor television and him not following though with orders and stealing our money, I would strongly advise writing to google at the following address:

As for the whole "Christmas sale" nonsense, thats what the site said when I "ordered" mine about 2 years ago. Professor Television and his fancy Photo Theremin obviously didn't even feel the need to update their site before creating a new account to swindle people out of their money.

Lastly, here is Professor Television's myspace page, and other related pages to which one can send complaints:

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