If you have to work a day job put up a theremin picture.

Posted: 8/4/2008 7:08:33 PM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

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Here's the high-tech solution - an instant theremin screensaver.

(Assuming you can install browser plugins on your work computer and don't mind having an un-passworded screensaver.)

1. Install Piclens (http://www.piclens.com/).

It's a really nice free plug-in for your browser. (Not users of the current version of Safari - we have to wait for the upgrade, but it works fine on Firefox and, I assume, IE.)

2. Use it to search for "theremin" on flickr.

3. Put it into slideshow mode.
Posted: 2/8/2009 10:30:43 PM

From: Chillicothe, Ohio USA

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I played theremin at my last house party, and my immediate supervisor was in attendance. He got some really great photos o his iPhone. Still waiting for him to send them to me so I can put up a nice slideshow when my computer has been sitting idle...
Posted: 2/13/2009 1:26:23 PM

From: Chillicothe, Ohio USA

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I finally have a picture of myself with my Etherwave on my desktop background. No commenst yet as it was just posted. Please visit my profile to see all my pictures, including those from other types of gigs:

Posted: 4/5/2009 7:51:51 PM
Rah Rah Records

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I have my "practice" theremin made from 3 radios set up at work so I can play it when work is slow or if I get a tune in my head I can try it out. I don't get too many visitors in the pressroom, but most of them are curious why there's 3 radios on the table, and then I'm happy to demonstrate.
Posted: 6/4/2009 11:06:46 AM

From: Chillicothe, Ohio USA

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I know this is an old thread, but I have share with everyone that one of my supervisors just spent 20 minutes or so sharing my and Randy George's videos with our new training group--good stuff!!

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