Best looping options?

Posted: 4/25/2010 9:44:01 PM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

I have the Digitech JamMan and the Line6 DL-4. They both work great and can be found in pawn shops at good prices.

The DL-4 has the added advantage of being able to emulate several classic analog delays including the Roland Space Echo and the Echo Plex.

PLus the DL-4 lets you play the loop backwards and/or at half speed with the tap of a button.

Those are the pros. Cons are that you can't save the loops. Turn it off and they're gone. Plus you can get at the most, 28 seconds of looping time(which is a lot, really...).

Pros of the Digitech JamMan include 99 storable loops and you can have loops that are literally hours long with a bigger memory card.

Cons? Only that it does not reverse the loops. I can't really think of anything else bad about the thing except that it is not stereo and it does not run on batteries like the DL-4. That may not matter to you.

They are both great pedals adn you wil spend hours looping with either one.
Posted: 4/25/2010 9:47:31 PM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

Fintushel, I have heard tha tthe DL-4's have chips inside that sometimes come loose.

That may be the source of your noise problem.

The chips can be easily re-seated if you take it apart. Just push them gently back in.

I have never had any problems with mine, though.
Posted: 8/4/2010 7:27:50 PM

From: Toledo, Ohio United States of America

Joined: 2/22/2006

Hey Diggy!
Have you seen the NEW Digi-Tech Loopers!
A new Stereo Looper and a Stereo Looper with an on board delay with lots of delays emulated.
Someone has been watching...
Good Luck!
Posted: 8/6/2010 8:44:42 PM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

I haven't played the new Digitech loopers but I have the Jam Man and it works really well.

I hear the new ones are more loaded with features.
Posted: 8/25/2010 10:23:55 AM

From: Northeast USA

Joined: 7/30/2010

Thanks for all of the helpful posts regarding effects!

Question for those folks who have the setups - do you use a pre-amp with your theremin? I have an ART TPS-2 which I love for other applications - I imagine it would work quite well here.

Also, once the signal has been upped by the preamp, do you run it directly into the mix, or still an external amp? Keyboard or Guitar? In other words, do you bring the signal back to line level?
Posted: 8/26/2010 8:57:00 PM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

I don't think a preamp is needed with the Etherwave Standard.

I don't have much experience playing other models, though.

I have tried a few effects set-ups and I keep going back to my ART SGX-2000 and Zoom 508, although I have also been using the Line6 DL-4 lately.

I don't bother with DI boxes or preamps at all .

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