Sticky: Roll Call! - 2009! - Part 2!

Posted: 7/15/2009 8:30:42 PM

From: Kingston, NY

Joined: 2/13/2005

Welcome to the continued Roll Call 2009.
Please let us know a little about you and the theremin!
Posted: 7/26/2009 7:29:51 PM

Joined: 7/26/2009

the above is my theremin ^

Anyways Hi! Im Robert Brunner.
I live in California. Ive been playing theremin since Feburary. I dont know the paticular make of my theremin, I just know Moog gave it to my dad. Um.... what else.

Im 15, homeschooled. Uh, i like to build and use r/c craft. I also have a potato gun that i built. and uh... yah. Thats about it.
Posted: 7/26/2009 8:18:27 PM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

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Hard to tell from your little picture, but does it look like this?

If it does, it's a Moog 351, from 1954, and I would love to hear its different voices. :-)

Welcome to Theremin World.
Posted: 8/1/2009 1:17:44 PM

Joined: 7/26/2009

Gordan it looks similar to that, but it isn't. Moog made this model as a gift for my dad. I don't know the exact make. I was hoping one of you guys could tell me. DO any of you guys know CRL (Charles Richard Lester)? I think he could tell you a little more about it. He came over to my house recently.
Posted: 8/1/2009 2:46:44 PM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

Joined: 2/14/2005

Charles Richard Lester? Hmmm....Never heard of the guy. ;-)

It seems to me CRL would be one of the best people to ask about this. However, if it is a custom-made theremin hand-made by Bob Moog, then that's what it is.

BTW...this is a bit off-topic for this catagory.
Posted: 8/1/2009 2:50:47 PM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

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A request for all newcomers....

[b]Please[/b] include some kind of geographical information in your profile.

It will help us immensely when trying to answer your questions.

Posted: 8/7/2009 1:37:08 AM
Dave H

From: Sedona AZ

Joined: 7/12/2009

Dave H here.

First I have really been impressed with the information available here at Theremin World.

I am located in Sedona, AZ.

My background is in both hardware and software design.
I ran my own business for over 20 years developing new electronic products for various industries including medical, education, toys, and consumer electronics. Often setting up production in mainland China.

I was first exposed to electronics at age 7 and just couldn’t get enough building of Heathkit projects. I built my first simple theremin when I was 14 years old. Just a builder back than not much of a player.

I have just started learning to play an Etherwave plus. My experience playing violin seems to really help. Today I just received a second Etherwave Plus which I am modifying for me, a left handed player. Tuning a Theremin while it is switched around backwards is kind of a pain. I would love to get my hands on a Etherwave Pro, wouldn’t everyone. Have a Wavefront Classic on order, left handed version.

I have been reading the threads here for a couple of months. Looking at schematics, reading about methods of playing and general information gathering.

I spend part of each day watching various Youtube videos or watching DVDs about Theremins. (Theremin an electronic odyssey.) Between research and playing practice I spend about 6 - 8 hours a day on Theremin related topics.
(Old habits die hard.)
Posted: 8/20/2009 2:04:21 PM

From: Greece

Joined: 8/20/2009

Hello everyone,
i'm ilias from Athens, Greece!

I always loved the sound of the theremin, since I was a teenager and started listening to 60's psychedelic music.

I like experimenting with sounds and electronic devices. Love 8bit music and music made by using old video games consoles.

Recently, I decided to give a try with the theremin.
I bought a gakken premium. I know its not the best choice, but it is rather cheap and I was hoping it would be sufficient for my first baby steps, at least until I decide if i really want to continue with the theremin and invest some money on a better model.

However, i'm already thinking of buying a better one. The gakken seems to have a very limited range of notes and the spacing between notes is limited. Anyway, I hope with some practice i'll get over that.

I'm already loving the theremin.
I've been reading like mad the forum and have found loads of useful info.

thanks to all the people who post information here and it's really nice to be here :)

Posted: 8/24/2009 3:00:33 PM

From: Toronto, Canada

Joined: 8/24/2009

Hi, I am Katie from Toronto, Canada. I was down to the Moog factory last week with my boyfriend who was getting his Moog Voyager re-tuned. On Friday, on a bit of a whim, I bought a Moog Etherwave Standard model. I hooked it up yesterday and I have been having fun mucking about with it and trying to play scales. Currently I am using headphones and I plan to buy a amp on the weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of amp I should get? Thanks!
Posted: 8/25/2009 5:42:44 AM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

Joined: 10/5/2005

Welcome to Theremin World, Katie.

I suggest you don't rush into buying an amp. The line level output of your etherwave can plug into the line-in socket of your stereo system or mp3 player speakers for the time being.

You will find plenty of good advice about choosing an amp by using the search function of these forums, and when you are ready the best course of action is to try various amps until you find one that pleases your ears and suits your budget.

The minimum requirements for an amp are that it accepts line level signals (which excludes some amps - "line level" is a lot stronger than "instrument level" - i.e. electric guitars and some guitar amps will unpleasantly distort your theremin's sound as a consequence.) The amp should include an equaliser (volume controls for bass, midrange and treble.) You should be able to mount the amp on a stand so you can position it behind you at head height, and many players like to add a touch of reverb to the theremin sound - theremins can sound rather dry without it - so an amp with built-in reverb is a good idea.

In the meantime you would do well to focus on deciding what sort of music you want to play on your theremin - from the purest classical to the most experimental avant-garde - as this will have a bearing on just about every aspect of your playing.

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