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Very interested in this instrument. Thinking of getting the MOOG etherwave standard. Any advice? Complaints? Recommendations? Praises? from what I can tell it seems like the one to get.
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The Etherwave Standard has established itself as a Standard since it has the best quality/price relationship.

There are naturally theremins which have a still more linear pitch field and/or other dis- and advantages, but they aren't actually in production and cost (even used on ebay) at least five times more money.

Below the Etherwave Standard, you buy less musical playability proportional to the price.

There is only one thing: If you plan to use your theremin as a gesture controller for external synthesizers you should consider the Etherwave Plus version which has supplementary outputs on this behalf.
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Thanks for your response. I plan on playing the theremin by itself and not using it as a controller.
Posted: 9/11/2009 1:10:44 PM
Dave H

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I have been told by more than one source that the Etherwave Plus
also had some “minor” changes that improved linearity over the Etherwave standard.
It was something that Moog “did not advertise”.

(One source that I would consider very reliable, but I was ask not to repeat their name.)

Also from this forum:
--------------- start quote ------------
Etherspiel: Amos at Moog told me that they did make some changes to the circuit in the new E+ to improve the linearity.
--------------- end quote ------------


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