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Hello, where can I find these to buy? It's basically a slider theremin. I have seen Jonny Greenwood using one, among other, but can't find them to buy?

If they cannot be bought, are they difficult to make?

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It will depend on your electronic skills if it's difficult to realize.

You may basically take a tone generator IC like the XR2206, read carefully the data sheet, decide on which pitch range and timbre your Tannerin should have, do some computing, find the needed components and go on building it. In ever case it will be much easier than building a theremin.
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I have no electronics skills, so I guess building is out the window!

Anywhere I can purchase one?
Posted: 9/3/2011 8:54:40 PM
RS Theremin

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David Miller use to keep up an Electro-theremin webpage here:


There are several methods of achieving the Tannerin tactile approach in generating a theremin like sound but with your lack of electronic knowledge, it limits you.

Here is one method using very simple heterodyning which I just recorded that does not use a resistive ribbon control rather it uses a minimal friction tactile proximity strip. The sound is analog and this method has great future potential. I already have too many theremin "irons in the fire" so further development of this method is not now.

Electro-Theremin (http://www.oldtemecula.com/theremin/sounds/electrotheremin.mp3) 145k

Enjoy the journey!


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You might consider an Eowave PERSEPHONE (http://www.eowave.com/products.php?prod=36). It is basically the same instrument - it is a ribbon control pitchbend device similar to a tannerin or to the "ruban" of an ondes martenot. If you find the retail price of one of these babies is a little more than you want to spend, you can check ebay. Every once in a while one of them comes up for sale.

These kinds of instruments are rare and there is not a big demand for them. That's why they are not on sale at Walmart for $79.99.
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And thats why they are expensive! Hmm, anything a little cheaper out there?

(I'm assuming not)
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Yes. There is the Otamatone (http://www.otamatone.co.uk/). It is a toy, but it may suit your purpose.
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Is there a synth/keyboard out there that has a slider-esque device? Something produced by a mainstream company? I have been Googling, but my keywords are getting me nowhere.
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Ok this is what I wanted.


Thanks for the help.
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I haven't tried it, but the Korg Monotron is a really cheap synthesizer with a ribbon control.


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