Etherwave Theremin Exploration Kit

Posted: 3/3/2005 12:06:52 PM

From: UK

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I definitely agree about the tripod-style mic stands...I think they also look better, echoing the rod-like nature of the instrument.

I once read an article from someone who converted a (I think) video camera tripod into a theremin stand, and described the many benefits. Does anyone remember that?
Posted: 3/9/2005 11:36:17 PM

From: Portland, OR, USA, Terra, Sol, Milkyway

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I appreciate all the info guys. Has anybody ordered the Etherwave Theremin Exploration Kit? Were you satisfied with it? Are the mic stand and audio cord of sufficient quality?
Posted: 3/10/2005 12:29:40 AM

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Wes, practically any audio cord will do just fine. You can go to any old music shop and ask for a "guitar cord" and it'll be essentially the same thing, for essentially the same price.

I'm sure the cord and stand Moog include are decent or they would get better ones: Moog is, after all, a prestige brand, and they know darn well it would be bad for their brand image if they included a trashy cord or stand.

Anyway, those are the cheapest parts of the whole thing. If they wear out in a few years, you can replace both cord and stand for under $30 total. The point of ordering the exploration kit is convenience so you don't have to worry about deciding which parts to use - in the amount of time you've already spent worrying about which stand and cord to use, you could probably have earned more than enough to pay for them.

You're fretting the small stuff.
Posted: 3/10/2005 6:01:12 PM

From: chicago illinois

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diggy dog,again very offtopic but is there any way i can hear your band...i am a bass and theremin player myself along with some keys

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