Etherwave antennae

Posted: 1/5/2006 3:31:49 AM

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Thank you!
For the theoretical background on why putting bigger caps result in "less sensitivity", read this:

Prety interesting text.
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Wiring a coil:

Coil calculator:

Home-made machine for wiring:
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hi etherspiel!
i'm a newbie here so could you help me?
i've built a theremax and now it's time to linearizing.
what is the length and diameter of your series coil?
oldetmecula instructions are very confused or maybe i'm a dumb.
i don't understand if 15.75" is the length of the coil or it's the length of the wire.
do you think that i can use the wire from an old transformer?
please this could be very helpful to me!

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