TOKO Inductors Needed for EM Theremin!

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Should I get the 64P44WE for the power supply circuit? It's located at:
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Hi everyone,I'm building the EM Theremin shown in the 1996 article by Robert Moog in Electronic Musician.I have been able to find every part except the TOKO inductors. I need two RWRS-T1015Z inductors- values of 100uH and 100 Q-min. The other inductor I need is one 154ANS-T1019Z values- 68uH and 60 Q-min.Does anyone know where I can obtain these or of any possible substitute?I've found inductors from Jameco that might work servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&productId=643372&catalogId=10001&langId=-1&ddkey=https:CookieLogon> That one is 100uH and there is a 68uH in the same series. They have 40 Q-min and 50 Q-min, respectively. I'm not sure if that is a high enough Q value or not...?Thanks in advance for any feedback,Dan

Hi Guys, I am new here, and kind of new with theremins. In 2017 I attended a concert in Montreal where the performer used a theremin, and after that I decided to have one. I live in Venezuela, so access for components are difficult. As I am low budget person, I found the same schematic is referred here. Of course I do had the same issues to find the inductors. Anyhow in recent months I finally get all of them. the Miller ones as they are described, but I had to work with some alternatives to RWRS-T1015Z inductors 100uH and 154ANS-T1019Z values- 68uH. I found a variable inductor that works in the range 40uh-100 uh. I am not an electronic expert, a friend of me who is electronic engineer is helping me to ensamble it using this alternatives. The inductance of this alternatives were tested and actually shows that range (40-100) We put all together, using the same inductors where should go this two kinds, of course changing their inductance level with the screw. Sadly the theremin does not work. So, my first question would be, does anyone succeeded using this schematics and components? do you think that the fact I am using the same inductor with the specifications I told you are the source of the problem?... My friend does not have an explanation, since he finds that the circuit is giving the valors indicated in the schematic. Please if anybody can help, very grateful.

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Here is a photo of the circuit. 

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