Theremin not working HELP!

Posted: 8/13/2008 10:53:58 AM

From: Colmar, France

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Oh sorry,

I didn't want to say something arrogant, it is still difficult for me to express my thoughts in English.

My thoughts started from the idea that someone who goes on tour with his bicycle takes with him some tools and stuff in order to fix a tire. Same idea for the car driver, who has normally all tools he needs for jacking up his car. A flutist travels with a small screwdriver, a violinist with some chalk and colophony.

Based on such thoughts, I (who unscrews all devices, be it a theremin or my Volvo's fuel injection system, mostly prior to the first use, just to see and understand how they work) could not imagine going on tour with my Etherwave without the tools cited above. And yes, I forgot to mention the soldering iron...

Please do not be angry with me!

Posted: 8/13/2008 11:34:30 AM
Thomas Grillo

From: Jackson Mississippi

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Annweber, if your theremin is out of warenty, you have a couple of options. Either have moog sell you a replacement power supply, or if it still won't work with the new supply, send it to them, and it will cost about 80 or so an hour to service, pluss the cost of parts.

The board inside is a little over a hundred dollars if it comes down to replacing the whole board, but that's not likely. I'd imagin it's probably a transistor that regulates the power. That transistor is one of two, located between the two big blue capacitors near the power supply connector side of the board. It could also bea a diode that's gone out.

If you don't want to send it in outside warenty, you might be able to have a tech friend repair it locally once you find out what might be going on. The likely culprits probably cost a few bucks.

Try again to reach Amos, or have them leave him a message to contact you. He really helped me out when I needed to replace a transistor when mine quit working.

Good luck.

Posted: 8/14/2008 6:22:36 PM

From: Toledo, Ohio United States of America

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Welcome to Theremin World!
I am sorry, about the Moog Theremin power problems you are experiencing, Theremin withdrawal can be a tortuous condition!
Unfortunately I do not own an Etherwave, yet!
If I were you I would heed the various advise in this forum post. But, especially try a new wall wart,(AC adaptor), or try getting AC from another outlet,(mains, as the British say). A TV repair shop can test your wall wart for proper DC connected and unconnected to your Theremin.
Also, after your Theremin is repaired, always use a power conditioning computer type spike protector between the Theremin, wall wart and the AC outlet.
That's my two cents.

Good Luck!

Posted: 8/14/2008 9:48:47 PM

Joined: 8/10/2008

Thank you everyone for all your help, I always say Thereminists are the nicest people you could meet on the internet!!

I think what I will do is order a new power cord from Moog everyone cross your fingers that this fixes the problem!!


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