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Thanks Gordon ;-)

Yes – understanding beat frequencies is the first step!

The following links could help with this:

[i]” i mean is it like a metal detector? that when my hands are in the range in the electromagnetic field, the disruption of it makes the system produce sounds? - marknudz231 [/i]

Yes – it is quite like some metal detector circuits – but how will this help you? – If you understood how a metal detector worked, you would understand how the theremin worked! –

The beat frequency metal detector is different from a theremin in that, rather than capacitance change being used to alter the variable frequency oscillator’s frequency, the inductance is changed by having it in the search coil, and the inductance of this coil being influenced by metal (changing inductance changes the variable oscillator frequency - the oscillator consists of a resonant circuit composed of inductance and capacitance - change to either inductance or capacitance changes the frequency.. with a metal detector, inductance is changed, with a theremin, capacitance is changed).

Ok – this will be my last posting on this topic, and I am going to be a bit out-of-order !

marknudz231 – I know nothing about you, but my feeling is that you are lazy. If you really wanted to understand, you would have made the effort to understand.. You are MISSING OUT because you expect everything to be easy and bite-sized..

So – Ban yourself from computer games and TV (and whatever else you waste time on) until you fully understand how the theremin works.. Use your brain and the many resources available on-line, and set yourself this goal.. not for the sake of your school project, but for the sake of your future!

The way most young people engage with learning is highly unsatisfying (and the fault for this lies mainly with the education system IMO) – you skim the surface to get through exams, it is empty and boring and a waste of time..

One only gets any pleasure when one actually gets deep into a subject and real understanding develops and you start to make discoveries for yourself! There is NO buzz like the buzz you get when you find your brain kicking into gear!

You are your mind / brain more than anything else (sure – the rest of you being healthy adds a lot! ;-) But the “system” is robbing this generation of their independent potential – Your brain being pumped full of s**t continuously by the irrelevant c**p you are continuously 'forced' to 'eat'.

Fight back! Become a ‘nerd’! USE YOUR BRAIN!!


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well thanks for all the info guys. I did my presentation today and it went pretty well. Although my DIY three way radio theremin failed cuz i cant seem to find the right frequency and i didnt have any time to spare. Well anyways i thank you guys and chao

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