Michael Moore hates the theremin?

Posted: 10/23/2006 11:24:15 PM

From: Toledo, Ohio United States of America

Joined: 2/22/2006

I would just like to see a documentary that explicitly states the very letter of the constitution in it's purist form; and, the history behind its creation, without Marx or John Birch. Just the true clay with which these United States was built: wealthy capitalists not wanting a foriegn and detached government stealing their wealth with arbitrary taxes. Hmmm, seems like now.
Tes. T,
Posted: 10/24/2006 8:53:52 AM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

We just need to get back to our roots as a stringed society.

All of our ills can be traced back to the introducton of electronic instruments.

None of our Founding Fathers played electronic music or even listened to it.

We need a Constitutional ammendment!
Posted: 2/11/2007 3:10:25 PM

From: Pittsburgh

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The only thing I am waiting to see of Michael Moore's demise is the documentary that he is making about health care.. entitled Sicko. I am curious to see what this movie will be like.. besides that... I dont really have an interest in him.

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Posted: 2/11/2007 5:25:34 PM
Charlie D

From: England

Joined: 2/28/2005

Whatever happened to Michael Moore? Even if he's still up to something, I'm sure the Theremin will remain infinitely more defining and influential in years to come.
Posted: 2/12/2007 10:14:32 AM

From: Bristol, United Kingdom

Joined: 12/30/2006

[i]Whatever happened to Michael Moore?[/i]

After complaining about profiteering capitalists in a number of sensationalist, misleading, biased documentaries with obstreperous voiceovers, Michael Moore got super rich and promptly vowed never to work again.
Posted: 2/17/2007 4:43:33 PM

From: sunnyvale california

Joined: 1/28/2007

I started out loving the guy, but then he got rich.

My favorite stunt of his was bringing in porta-potties on a flatbed truck for female workers in some Midwest rustbelt factory who were not getting bathroom breaks and having to resort to wearing Depends.

He doesn't care about THOSE people any more!

In one of his books he explained why he only drinks bottled water: Nasty, awful, working-class fisherman, and their boats, are allowed on the body of water his tapwater comes from. (Who wants to break it to him he's still drinking tap water, just in a much more wasteful way?)

Somewhere else he says it was all the small business owners who opposed his running for office in his small town, "bring on the chains" - he feels large corp's can be changed through laws, while those pesky independent mom'n'pops..... grrrr!

He's also stated he'll hire no-one but black people because of the differentials in hiring, etc they often experience - I think this is in the book where he has a highly accomplished black guy and a white guy who's a felon both try to catch caps in NYC, with sadly predictable results. Then he mentions how he'll hire only blacks from here on out etc etc. I'm willing to bet his company staff are still at least largely white as driven snow.

The guy's a big, fat, hypocrite. We need guys and gals like he's supposed to be, not big fat profiteers like him.
Posted: 2/18/2007 5:08:58 AM

From: Bristol, United Kingdom

Joined: 12/30/2006

It's not so much the profiteering - I'm all for people making a bit of cash. Hey, it's capitalism, right? Most nourishing system in the world. I am in favour. People may take advantage of it, good for them.

Michael Moore has always grated with me. He's just one side of a very stupid liberal vs conservative argument that's gotten very boring a long time ago. His ethos is the least progressive, least helpful thing in the world and at a fundamental level is exactly the same as the people he opposes; and it's not anything to do with liberty, freedom and all that stuff, no - his ethos is this: [i]I've chosen my side and that's that.[/i] Logic be damned! Solving problems isn't important, what matters is that you win arguments and weave ridiculous, roundabout webs of unbelievable reasoning to make the people on the [i]other[/i] side look like evils.

The truth is that even if he wasn't a completely biased, blind idiot, if anything he actually said was helpful and made a lick of sense, we'd still be better off without people like him. Nobody needs sensationalist heroes pulling stunts on TV and making themselves look big. Anyone - [i]anyone[/i] - who pops up in front of cameras bleating nonsense and telling you what to think is someone to be very wary of.
Posted: 2/18/2007 11:40:43 PM

From: Toledo, Ohio United States of America

Joined: 2/22/2006

That last post just described all of the folks that are running the democrat party at the federal level today! Power over principle or truth.
Deity or Non-deity of your choice help these GREAT UNITED STATES!
P.S.--- Al Gore is an idiot and a LIER!

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