Turnkey blowing out Etherwave Pros

Posted: 9/18/2005 4:47:44 PM

From: Netherlands

Joined: 7/9/2005

@Charlie D: your day will come. Finish your education, get yourself a fulltime job and a frugal lifestyle ;-)

@Oscar: I can't hear or feel any difference in controlling volume between the Etherwave Standard and the Etherwave Pro. But maybe I don't play well enough yet to experience some subtleties.
Most difficult for me now is getting used to the spacing between the high notes. It is wider on the Pro than on the Standard.
Posted: 9/20/2005 3:28:27 PM

From: Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Dudes, the Etherwave Pro is £349.00 on Turnkey now. Go get em
Posted: 9/21/2005 10:55:18 AM

From: Sammamish, Washington

Joined: 2/13/2005

OMG!! Thanks for letting us know about the new price drop! I've bumped this back up to the front page. This is a once-in-a-lifetime type deal.
Posted: 9/21/2005 2:29:44 PM
Charlie D

From: England

Joined: 2/28/2005

I know. And that's why I took it! I've got one! YAY! It's the best instrument I've ever played, ever, and it's about a million times easier to play than the Etherwave Standard. The linearity is just superb.

Thankfully I caught the £349.99 deal- but if you want to catch this truly once-in-a-lifetime deal then you'd better act REALLY fast. Turnkey are down to single figures. In other words, they have LESS THAN TEN E'PROS LEFT.
Posted: 9/21/2005 5:14:13 PM

From: NYC

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This is making me crazy right now.
I don't have the money.
I do have a credit card.
It also seems strange to buy it and have it shipped across the ocean.
What should I do!!!
Posted: 9/21/2005 6:31:00 PM

From: Madrid, Spain

Joined: 2/19/2005

I have emailed them asking for some questions. They were kind, but some of them were not answered-concerning the units left, for example.

About the question I asked them "is the volume antenna response the new improved one, or the old one?", they answered "(...)and antenna will be the ones as specified on the website".
So, for me, somehow it is not answered the question about the "snappy" response of the old PROs by the moment by them. Just by our friend Jessica, and I want to believe her. Please Charlie, and everyone else, tell us your second opinion about this.

Yes , I am a little suspicious, but so much low price...! If I believe another Moog dealer's words about Pro's price, it is under its price for even them, and this makes me wonder some things...

If I buy it, am I getting the best PRO at its lowest price possible, or it just seems to be a bargain but it is just an slightly old model - so not perfect?

I know a guy from Spain that had to return months ago his PRO for adjustments to Moog. So, what if it is not perfect? will it be need to send it to USA? (probably the answer is the last one...but maybe sending it first to Turnkey at UK...)

Too much questions for me. I will ask them again, but if only I could solve my questions about this model directly with the guys who build it, like it happened to me 1 year ago with the kind Mr. Kees Enkelaar...
Posted: 9/22/2005 4:27:37 AM

From: Netherlands

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Congrats to all new E'Pro owners :-)

About the volume: if there is anything altered this will be on the circuit boards, not visible on the outside. Wilco and I opened my Pro, it has rev.B on the circuit board, so there must be something improved compared to the first Pro's.

With the Standard Etherwave you could raise your hand way above your ear, and still the volume would be increasing. With the Pro increasing stops somewhere at cheeckbone height. Wilco inquired with some friends at Moog, and it seems this smaller volume area was a design decision of Bob Moog. They didn't know why he decided on having it this way.

We (= Wilco + me) still don't experience any snappiness on my Pro, after almost a week of extensive playing.

For the price thing: It's the real deal. Turnkey bought a lot of Pro's but disappointedly no one would buy them. Turnkey didn't want to be stuck with all these boxes gathering dust in the storage space, hence the clearance sale. With prices dropping like this the Pro's now must fly of the shelves...

(Oscar, you could email Wilco to ask his opinion about my Pro)

Posted: 9/22/2005 9:21:20 AM

From: Madrid, Spain

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I am convinced. I was anyway very close to buy it, so yesterday I sold my Etherwave Standard to a woman here... still not sure that it was a good idea. My new theremin Pro is on my way from today, as Mr Alisdair from TUrnkey has just emailed me :)

Let's see if it was worth it.
The answer, next week...
Posted: 9/22/2005 2:43:11 PM
Charlie D

From: England

Joined: 2/28/2005

I don't seem to have any problems with the volume control- it sometimes seem to get loud awfully quickly when I raise my left hand, but adjusting the volume tuning and the gain on my amplifier more than compensates. It's certainly not as terrible, snappy and annoying as the problems described by Levnetters. I think my instrument must have been modified or improved in some way.

Also- I cannot detect any ghost tone, although I sometimes get overtones if I play too loundly with the brightness and filter all the way up. This is only to be expected though (it happened with my old E'wave), and I'd never use such a horrible sounding timbre or such a high volume anyway.

The only weird thing I noticed is that if I tilt the POWER switch *slowly* from off to on, I sometimes hear the crackle of electricity arcing from the contacts. It's nothing to worry about though.

For £349.99 it was quite literally a steal. They are practically paying US to have them! If you want one then there isn't time to hesitate. They must have about five left now.
Posted: 9/23/2005 11:10:32 AM
Jon B

From: Somerville, MA

Joined: 8/11/2005

[i]It's certainly not as terrible, snappy and annoying as the problems described by Levnetters. I think my instrument must have been modified or improved in some way.[/i]

I doubt it. I think that Levnetters are a curmudgeonly lot who find fault in nearly everything you put in front of them.

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