Your favourite musician?

Posted: 2/16/2007 2:35:09 PM

From: Ypsilanti, MI, USA

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This really depends on a lot of things. Steve Albini has been a huge influence on my guitar style. Charles Mingus taught me about arrangement. Ian Mackaye taught me about ethics. Eric Dolphy taught me about mood. Tom Waits showed me how to do what I want, industry be damned. But if I had to pin it down to one person or group, I would have to say Throbbing Gristle. They truely changed the way I look at and approach music. Hearing CD1 for the first time changed everything I ever thought music could be.
Posted: 2/17/2007 7:40:47 AM
Charlie D

From: England

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I'm feeling very Chopin-y today. In fact, all this week I've been listening to lots of Chopin, and have just finished writing a mock-Chopin piano mazurka to perform at my next school concert.

Maybe I'll put the recording on my website.
Posted: 2/18/2007 8:08:56 PM

From: Kansas City, Mo.

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Favorite musician, huh? I find that a very tough question because every musician brings different qualities to the table.

As far as classical music goes, the composers and styles span such a wide range that it is impossible to pick just one.

When it comes to counterpoint, I can't choose between Palestrina, Byrd, Bach, Beethoven, Reger, or Mahler. (I find the fugal section of Beethoven's Third Symphony to be a thrill).

However, when I'm in "down" mood, there is nothing like Sousa to bring me up again. I wouldn't give up Bach for Sousa, however sometimes Sousa is the right medicine.

When I need a mega-dose of good spirits, I turn (as many have) to Beethoven's Ninth. I have heard the Ninth countless times, yet the Scherzo and the final movement always deliver a dose of inspiration. When Beethoven puts the sopranos on to that high "A" and leaves them there for a whole phrase the sound absolutely slays me. Sometimes one doesn't listen to music -- sometimes one SURRENDERS to it!

I like Bela Bartok, Charles Ives, Honnegger, Gershwin, Steve Reich, Wendy Carlos... and many others.

Charles Ives is kind of a "hero" to me... he made his fortune outside of the music biz yet made a place for himself in the music world, too.

Well, as soon as I hit I will undoubtably think of other composers that have influenced me in some way. Such is life.

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