Getting a theremin, what amp to buy?

Posted: 5/26/2012 2:40:56 PM

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@ GordonC...I had an RCF 15" subwoofer already as part of a PA I own, so I just brought it from my band's practice room for a while, since we are on hiatus as a gigging band for the time being...I am using my Radial DI to feed the sub, since the input is XLR type, not 1/4" phone jack.  I eventually want to have an all tube setup, with the theremin going into a full parametric EQ which in turn would feed a crossover with the high output going to my Blues Junior and the low output going to the tube head for the bass. I would use the parametric EQ to flatten out the coloration produced by the cabinets..  I know that this isn't the pure classical setup that coalport describes, but it would enable me to have the Blues Junior behind me a little below head level, with the additional joy of having maybe a dedicated 18" woofer to provide the awesome (and non-traditional) bass that you and I love.  For now, I have my guitar amp up on a little table so that it's about 4 feet off the floor, and that works for me just fine, since I am currently in the chops building phase of my development.

@ coalport....I definitely have some baggage, but I carry it, not the porters.  Some of the transatlantic passengers actually were able to get to the other side without their baggage ending up in Davy Jones' locker....Not the passengers on the Titanic, of course...Recently I've been tossing some of my baggage overboard myself...Too much effort for a lot of things I no longer need..j

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Since I perform rarely in public but play a lot at home, not only my few theremins, but also the instruments which I repair or modify, I found that the best for me was an active narrow field studio monitor speaker. I decided for the Yamaha MSP3 for which an adapter is available, so that it can be installed on a mic stand and positioned behind me at ear's height. The output power is more than sufficient and the output volume can easily be adjusted on the speaker's front side. Together with the mic stand adapter and a stable mic stand, I spent less than 200€ for an absolutely satisfying solution with "true" sound. Nice side effect: When I experiment with bass extensions, the wind from the speaker's bass reflex holes cools my neck...

Posted: 5/27/2012 10:17:27 AM
All Souls Night

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Do not plug your theremin into your stereo. It needs its own, separate system that can be properly placed and adjusted for optimal hearing.

The problem with the adult learner is that they always know what is right for them.

Coalport, The little stereo speaker system I am talking about are just 2 speakers (and one separate central subwoofer), with a little powered amp built in the subwoofer. The CD player is external so when I am using the speakers for the theremin, the cd player won't be plugged into it. Primitive for sure, but all money is going for the theremin and external speakers of better quality will have to come later. I just didn't want to blow them out with the Theremin. I can also put the little treble speakers more at ear height. I just don't want to damage equipment.

I will also be using my synth stand for the Theremin for now. (keeping the cats out of the room) At least the height is adjustable and it is pretty stable.

By the way, love all the instruments you play, so beautifully. I wish you were in NYC. I would invite you to be part of ALL SOULS NIGHT. Maybe if the band is successful financially we can do a Canadian tour and hire you. You are a wonderful musician.

I know enough to know I know nothing and you have all been very helpful on helping me to anticipate what to expect and need to get up and running. At least get started...


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All Souls wrote: "Maybe if the band is successful financially we can do a Canadian tour and hire you."

That is soooo sweet! But I'm afraid I retired from performing some time ago. These days my life is all dogs and horses and chickens and stuff like that......oh yeah, and theremins.

Posted: 5/31/2012 1:05:42 PM
All Souls Night

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Really? That is way too bad. Love your work.


Maybe we will get you out of early retirement!!!!

Posted: 5/31/2012 1:43:42 PM

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... Good luck with that. He doesn't have a facebook page. :)

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