Lighting up the diamond speaker! :)

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Coalport wrote "Does hating the act of people hating others = hatred? 

Yes, it does."

Invisiblejelly says

"Hate the hatred but love the hater.. Religious folks and theremin players mostly understand is a brilliant thought based on a truth that is rarely apparent to non theremin players.That truth is that love dissolves imperfections as warm water dissolves ice... love makes therefore love those that have serious character  love folks because they are flawed not because they are brilliant...this is basic 'singling lady' whispered this in my ear ...and she also adds this applies especially to oneself ie self love. 

I now have 28 extra diodes in my EWS and my lady truly sings like a siren.. she is so captivating and beautiful I just let her sing her heart out in her own way...the theremin is like no other's my own little angel..mermaid...siren..etc...

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coalport wrote:

If you have a problem with people who do not agree with your view that everyone should be tolerant of the beliefs of others, then that in itself could be viewed as an example of the very kind of intolerance you seem to object to. Is intolerance of intolerance not intolerance?

Guilty as charged.  I am a human, and as such I am flawed.  Stipulated.

The intolerance issues I was indirectly referring to in my earlier post in my part of the world are some of the mean spirited bills being passed by the TN legislature, particularly the "don't say gay" bill aimed at further stigmatizing and isolating gay students in my state by forbidding teachers from even mentioning what gay is, even in age appropriate terminology.  I see this as bullying with the force of law behind it, and bullying sets me off.  I'm certainly guilty of hating this kind of legislation.  Here's the difference:  All kinds of thoughts go through my mind, but I try NOT to act on them if they will be hurtful to others.  My legislature, on the other hand, is codifying their intolerance in a way that will be hurtful, with the force of law behind them. They are ACTING ON their intolerance.


If I see a gross injustice occur, and say and do nothing about it, then I am complicit.

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lol... Nice thread derail y'all :)

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RS Theremin

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Thomas Grillo you went and started it now. Maybe surround your speaker with mirrored panels and theme it “Reflections of a Thereminist”.

I see the mob, each with a personal stick, this beast spews gasoline, who will light the match?

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I'm sorry for the derail, Amethyste...

Thomas, I LIKE your kind of reminds me of what I've seen on various southern pipe organs...

RS....I will not light the match, but I may assist the fire department/EMT's if/when someone does..

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no problem mollydad, I was just teasing ;) Love when it derails, it's fun :)

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"What's A Diamond Speaker??"

In His Service --- Dana

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Hi Dana...

This thread was supposed to be about Thomas Grillo's work on his new "diamond speaker" for his theremin...It's called this because the speaker's square enclosure is mounted point up, like a diamond on a pack of cards, usually up in the air so that the speaker is in the player's ear..

There is an iconic picture of Clara Rockmore standing in front of her diamond speaker.  Thomas posted a folder of pictures of his new speaker on the first page of this thread...

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Wow, there is a lot here!


Thomas’s Over the Top Lit Up Diamond Speaker - First, let me say, Thomas, that the craftsmanship on your diamond speaker is great and it is quite a sight to behold. Don’t worry about detracting form the music. If your playing is good (and it is) then it will be heard


Having said that, it’s not my style at all. I am more of a minimalist as far a design goes. Less is more and all that. I have an appreciation for over-done (some may say “tacky”) ornamentation but it’s just not what I would do for my own rig. I would design a simple thing with a black frame and maybe some steel cabling holding it all together. Either that or some nice natural wood and brushed stainless steel. I would never “Girly-Pimp” my theremin either for what it’s worth.


I do have a Barbie doll head on my Etherwave and that is as much about not poking my eye out as it is about making a style statement.


Tolerance / Religious Beliefs - I think tolerance should include being tolerant of those who aren’t tolerant. As far as tolerating the beliefs of others (or lack thereof), it’s not about pretending to tolerate them while knowing they’re wrong and you’re right. It’s about knowing the difference between facts and beliefs. Everyone’s religious beliefs are beliefs since they can’t be proven factually.


As soon as someone comes up with a set of religious beliefs that can be backed up by empirical evidence, all other belief systems will fall by the wayside. Example - nobody doubts the existence of gravity, or air because there is empirical evidence for them. One can design numerous repeatable experiments to prove that these things exist. One cannot design experiments to prove God exists. We could come up with numerous philosophical arguments about the existence or (lack thereof) as well as the nature of a god (or gods) but they are all just philosophy, which still deals with belief, not fact.


Mean people, well, they suck no matter where you find them.


Toy instruments – I have heard that before as well. I have seen some great musicians using Casio SK-1’s and other toys and I have also seen some very bad musicians using quite expensive high-end gear. I once saw a YouTube comment that the Roland TR-606 drum machine could never be used “in the professional arena” because it lacks individual outputs for each of the drum sounds. Even after I pointed out the numerous professional musicians using that particular machine (Moby, The Sneaker Pimps and Aphex Twin, to name a few) the commenter still insisted it could never be used professionally. Some people are stuck in their beliefs and will never change their minds.


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See... I'd never put a Ken doll head on my theremin... (to each its own)

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