What makes a video interesting...

Posted: 5/7/2012 1:38:19 PM

From: In between the Pitch and Volume hand ~ New England

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My personal take on this, I can only relay on my one ear to hear, play and know if I am on pitch so I am constantly in a daze when I play, I just hope I don't look like a zombie and that people are not too scared when they look at me lol. For my perfomance to be "good" it is almost a necessity to be in the "zone". when I look at things, it pulls me away from it and my playing suffers...

Posted: 5/7/2012 9:32:57 PM

From: Canada

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Well, Amey, for what it's worth, you are not alone. The best thereminists must be in "the zone". 


In order to play the (precision) theremin well, you must be so concentrated on what you are doing that there is nothing left over to pay attention to anything else. This is no guarantee that the playing is good, but without total concentration we haven't got a hope!



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