Fishbone on Jimmy Fallon last night

Posted: 8/4/2012 6:33:15 AM
Chainsaw Willie!

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The Phereomone was invented by Lawrence Phereomone after the idea being suggested by Anton LaVey.  So yes, it actually is of the devil.  The man was correct to accost you if you were indeed playing in a style and timbre of the Phereomone.  The difference between the Theremin and the Phereomone is that it is impossible to write an iPhone app that simulates the Phereomone.  Also Phereomones have not been manufactured since the end of the Congo Crisis in 1966 in the First Republic of the Congo.  Shortly after seizing power (with the help of Norwegian mercanaries  such as the legendary Roland - immortalized in song by Warren Zevon) Joseph Mobutu imposed stringent trade restrictions on many so called "strategic metals".   Calcium-Copulate exports were terminated, the calcium-copulate mines closed and the miners given vocational re-training in the thoriated tungsten industry.  Calcium-copulate was crucial in the manufacture of the 1N5440-orphite diodes used in the production of the Phereomone.  The calcium-copulate diode cannot be replaced by inferior units made from cheaper materials such as silicon, germanium, or lanolin.  There are no modern substitutes for these diodes.  Attempts to design Phereomone circuits around  current production semiconductors have been fruitless.  The final attempt being made in the basement laboratory under the University of Parapsychology Ballroom in Mount Boron Washington in 1986.  The design was built around using 1/2 of a 5Y3 vacuum tube rectifier and a wire wound resistor (custom wound around an iridium-dogphite core) to simulate the negative impedance characteristics of the calcium-copulate 1N5440-orphite diodes.  Unfortunately the massive quantity of 5Y3 vacuum tubes (rumored to have been the entire years production of a certain Slovinian factory covertly infiltrated and operated by CIA operatives to divert rectifier production to this effort) generated enough heat to ignite the magnesium chassis in fire.  The resulting blaze completely destroyed the lab, the University of Parapsychology, and killed all the first-hand witnesses to the project.  Juan Carlos VanOwen (the J. Robert Oppenheimer of the secretive 5Y3 Phereomone project) is thought to have said in his last breath, 

"Nice toy, but it is NOT a PHEREOMONE!"


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I hear from the Twitterverse that Fishbone was playing theremin with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon last night.  Anyone catch it?  He's a pretty wild type of novelty player, so I can't imagine he played melodies.  But his style of playing definitely has it's place in his style of music.


Sounds like he gave a nice performance

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