Theremin drop out rate...

Posted: 7/17/2012 3:47:09 PM

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True... Probably a large number of them are closet players and I bet you, several of them are probably amazing at it! I'd love to see/hear that!

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I think probably many theremins end up in the back of the garage or in the attic rather than on the open market.

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Posted: 7/18/2012 12:06:54 AM

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Back in the "Coalport ~ Talking Machine" thread, [7/17/2012 3:37:24 PM]  Amethyste said:

"i still do not know to this day "what" kept me going rather than making it firewood for my furnace."

I wonder if this might be a clue to where the "missing" theremins go..

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Even when I gave up on playing my EWS I didn't really consider getting rid of it.  It's much too cool of an electronic music oddity / anachronism.  I suspect many buy them just for that factor alone.

[EDIT] Perhaps "gave up" was too strong a phrase.  More like "experienced first-hand what a bear it was to play, and didn't think I could do it justice, particularly given my rigid goofing-off schedule".  Never say never and all that.

Posted: 8/2/2012 12:50:57 AM

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I believe that by the time Bob Moog died in 2005 a total of about 10,000 Etherwave theremins (mostly kits) had been sold. Since then perhaps a few thousand more have been purchased...

The Etherwave Standard I bought almost two years ago is serial number 19215. The Plus model I just purchased is #2766. I don't know if they both started at #1, but if so you have some more accurate numbers to hypothesize about.

Posted: 9/10/2012 10:54:53 AM

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Well. If it helps, I'm not stopping anytime soon. I may not be in a band or record songs I've created on the ole you tube..But.. I have played many songs on her. Some I've made up and others with others.  

I think that the Theremin was directed into a specific avenue.. then when it came to the intersection sat for a moment with its hazards on. 

So it depends where you want to turn. I like playing bluegrass myself. I cant play a Tchiakovsky or a claire de lune, but I can keep a mean bass line when it comes to bluegrass, or some plain ole blues.


So I believe that there will be an increase in known theremin players and an increased interest as an instrument as a whole. 

So if we account for the increase, and then divide by the amount of thereminists we know plus 21981 minus all the quitters and that leaves us with..

I/T + 21981 - Q = U   And thats where you'll find me

but... Q would be

I/T + 2198 - U = Q     Lemon drops




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