Boom Arm

Posted: 1/24/2018 2:53:23 AM

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Has anybody tried using a suspension boom arm for a theremin?  I want to mount mine in the office, but be able to retract it into a shelf when I am not using it.  It looks like most (or all) of the microphone suspension boom arms would not be able to handle the weight, but maybe a monitor one could be adapted?  I have a Moog Etherwave Plus with the microphone stand mount on the bottom.

Posted: 1/24/2018 8:33:57 PM

From: earth

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Nope. Search on:

Scissor Arm, Scissor Arm extender, Extension Arm, would work, it it was sturdy enough, but you would've to mount it to a wall.

Camera crane jib - can hold a camera so it would work.

Monitor extension arm - probably what you want.

At lot easier to mount it on a mic stand and simply pick it up and move it, or swivel your chair. Less problem for whoever you work for.

Also, use a lighter theremin.

It's bad enough that the player is moving, but the theremin moving as well, gives you auto-vibrato, probably at a frequency you will not like.


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