Setting scale for A-178-2.

Posted: 5/12/2019 10:25:08 AM

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Hi all.

Thinking of getting an A-178-2 (doepfer) module soon. First of all does anyone here have one?

Secondly. There only seems to be a bias offset which I think changes where e.g. middle C starts in space. But I want to be able to scale too so I can make an open to closed hand an octave.

This will be simple enough, I just need to put the voltage through an attenuator but I guess I'm wondering if it is likely the default range will require me to attenuate downwards "compressing" the range. Or is it possible that an octave would be too small in space by default and I have to boost the signal?

It doesn't really matter I'm just curious really.

If I end up loving it I'll be buying an etherwave plus in the future. But I wanna try on a cheaper system first and as I already do module stuff I cud always use it just for effects if I don't get round to learning it properly.


Posted: 5/14/2019 7:04:25 PM

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You set the lowest note where you want it to be, if you want and octave jump between closed and open hand you will have to have a tight playing field - short distances. but what will work for one pitch will not work for other pitches unless your field is perfectly linear. You simply have to learn that intervals change due to proximity to the antenna. Also quantizing is not what a thereminst wants. Buy a real theremin with two antennas and when that frustrates you go with the Harrison Instruments 302 if you don't want to devote your life to learning how to play a pole antenna theremin. Hint, do you like tightropes???

I prefer sidewalks. I haven't used my etherwave in a long time. I like hitting notes and holding them and I like intervals and I think vibrato is an expressive option not a requirement.

If you just want to make noise, any cheap theremin will do that trick. 

If you have a modular I would recommend buying a more useful module than the theremin module, unless you just want woo woo. Any good theremin videos of a Doepfer Theremin module playing music?

A ribbon controller for your Doepfer would be far more useful and fun.

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