National Electrophonic - XMAS Sessions - 56 pieces in 7 days - 226 minutes for your listening pleasure

Posted: 1/16/2020 6:25:49 PM

From: earth

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National Electrophonic - XMAS Sessions

No Christmas Music is in this Collection.
8 octaves and more
bass, Bass, BASS
Legato, Staccato, Pizzicato
Two tracks except for number 40 because the memory ran out - More Time than Space
From sweetness to heaviest of metal courtesy WMD Geiger Counter
Ersatz Orchestral, Avant Garde, Heavy Electronic, Easy Theremin to Difficult Theremin
And a few brief quotes from standards for no particular reason  . . .

The hardest part is making the video . . . because the theremin is SO EASY TO PLAY

Feel free to compare these 56 to the Two Part Inventions of my favorite composer

Number 15 was rejected - too many unchained melodies - better version later on
Number 58 was rejected - a musical punch line's timing was sloppy
Number 21 was not recorded due to memory running out

56 out of 59 not bad, eh?

Feel free to comment, and would you purchase such a collection???

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