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Posted: 1/29/2020 5:32:28 AM

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Theremin player for 3 years. I like playing theremin with acoustic players; old time Americana....imagine the the theremin playing parts that would be taken up by either an old pump organ, dobro, or musical saw.

I also like loose rock jams...I try to avoid theremin cliches (difficult!) playing with the guitar effects that would be used in a shoegaze rig.

Also enjoy free improvisation, experimental noise/soundscapes.

I’d like to meet people in Houston who play theremin....old time/bluegrass pickers who’d invite a bizarre old time instrument into a jam....experimental/indie rock kids who want to play/record college radio-ready tunes.

I also play cello, banjo, and mandolin.

Posted: 1/29/2020 4:23:04 PM

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Take me down to the river

Yes Sir

Rock Creek

Homeward Bound

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