Moog Etherwave Pro Theremin-Left-Handed, Mint Condition

Posted: 6/3/2011 2:41:53 PM

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This EWP has the black back and the figured maple front. The 50th Anniversary label on the back still has the protective plastic covering. It's in pristine new condition; has been in a smoke free, temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Posted: 6/3/2011 7:09:52 PM

From: Canada

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Was there supposed to be a URL included in this post? What the hell are we talkin' about here?
Posted: 6/4/2011 8:36:38 AM
Jeff S

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This is the same left-handed E-Pro (
that was offered for sale at the beginning of the year.

I assume it is the same left-handed E-Pro being offered on ebay (
starting at $4000.

Posted: 6/4/2011 3:57:11 PM

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I think that price may be a little over-optimistic in the present economy. The price of theremins peaked a few years ago and has since backed off quite a bit. Someone sold an E'Pro for about $7000.00 some time ago, and ever since then people have assumed they are worth their weight in gold.
Posted: 6/5/2011 2:10:00 AM

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To get a new one when available it was $1,700 or so... $5,000 seems a bit high in my opinion... But maybe someone can snatch this :)
Posted: 6/5/2011 8:26:35 AM

From: Colmar, France

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Amethyste, you are right.

Even here in good ol' Europe, where they have been sold for 2500 to 3000 EUR (due to shipping and import taxes), $5000 seems still an exaggerated price to me.

I often act as a middle-man for European transactions of used EPros and they are most times sold around 2800 to 3000 EUR now, but completely checked, reworked and tuned by me, upgraded with the EPVM1345 module and a new one year warranty.

BTW: I actually have two on my "for sale list". Interested people may contact my by email theremin[at]tfrenkel[dot]com
Posted: 6/12/2011 11:28:23 AM

From: Kingston, NY

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>>reworked and tuned by me, upgraded with the EPVM1345 module and a new one year warranty

That is great! Reselling at it's best.

Good luck with the 5.000 asking price, stranger things have happened. Please post with your progress and especially if it sells, that might help Moog Music speed up progress on any new pro theremin model.

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