Whats a Terrapin ? Part 2

Posted: 10/10/2008 7:27:13 AM

From: Canada

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Thierry wrote:

There are people who search their starting tone loudly without shame (in the following video at about 1:40 minutes...):



In all fairness, it should be pointed out that Mr. Levine is a very good ondiste. He is not a thereminist.

The problem with his theremin playing is that he is treating the instrument, and the motions of his hand in the playing arc, as if it were the "ruban" of an ondes. He plays from left to right and he slides his hand along the top of the theremin in order to stabilize his arm.

This puts a certain amount of "drag" on the ability of his pitch arm to move freely, and keeps him from being able to effect a decent vibrato. (His vibrato consists of a sort of fluttering of the fingers).

The pitch fishing in the above video is unfortunate, as is Mr. Levine's habit of occasionally touching the pitch antenna - something which produces a high pitched squeal from the instrument.

As for the pitch fishing, an audio or visual preview would fix that. There are several places in the composition where the theremin is silent and the player must reorient himself. Audibly pitch fishing at these moments, while the other musicians are playing, is unforgivable.

I would have preferred to hear Mr. Levine play the ondes in this composition, something which is frequently done when a competent thereminist cannot be found.

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