theremin method by Carolina Eyck

Posted: 3/21/2006 11:51:34 AM

From: Kingston, NY

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They've come up with a PP alternative.
""Dear orderer of the book The Art of Playing the Theremin,
we have arranged a Paypal Account. If you have also a such a account, you can pay without problems on this way.
Posted: 3/31/2006 7:22:16 AM

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SERVI has been very helpful despite their limitations with banks and credit cards. If the pay pal option does not work for you, place an order any way and reply to the conf. email (they don't do anything till after the conf. and you set up payment) and ask for additional advice; they know a couple less conventional ways if you're willing to take a chance on parcel post from the U.S.

I just got my copy today, about a week after sending payment parcel post. It's a very handsome book can't wait to start going through it today. I still have to find out how to get the acc. volume that goes with it, will let you know.
Posted: 4/2/2006 4:26:16 PM

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The Paypal payment worked out well and received the book very shortly thereafter.

In skimming the book I can see that it is full of great information, excercises, and actual music. As folks start working through the book, I am sure more information will be forthcoming. Photographs accompany her explanation of the various finger positions. She also has excercises for the volume hand, too.
Posted: 4/7/2006 9:57:15 AM

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Wow new pic for KK too, nice tee shirt and quite an aura!

Well no luck at all yet trying to find out how to order the piano book that goes with this. SERVI hasn't sent info. yet.

Early impressions are, well..., very impressive.
The author has put together a rich book. This is already a banner year for theremin literature.

Early into this book for now: the style, graphic design and exercises are accessible, detailed in the annotations and practical. The fingering scheme targets playing a ninth without shifting the arm, other details of arm movement, vibrato get sequential exercises too. I'm pondering if for me the 9 positions might be a bit too granular for me and I find I'm translating them into the 5 from Rockmore that I've been using with 'plus' and 'minus' variations that fill in the smaller intervals (kinda like the Estrada method).

The exercises and practice advice are right on. And having progressive written notes pop up along the way are brilliant and a very strong information design. I love that they were not stingy with page space so text, scores, and images are together where they refer to each other. A rare thing in any book this day, Tufte devotees will be pleased.
Again I miss EWPro specific remarks on tuning since the full range approach is different with it's segmented octave selections.

More insights to come as KK says, but I'm just as giddy as a school girl on crack with all these new printed resources.

Let's hope that soon all the method masters will eventually produce their works in three formats of video, print and acc. CD. All of these formats help in different ways and I am thankful for each and every method that's produced.
Posted: 4/30/2006 9:30:59 AM

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[copied my post from other forum for google device's benifit]

SERVI had a chance to catch up on email this week and I got news about the piano book.

Well, like the EWPro when it was first announced and now the Alesis Transact50 which is almost a centurey behind in shipping the piano book was a bit of a tease too.

SERVI reports: "We hope to publish the piano book (probably with a CD with instrumental
accompaniments) in late summer this year."

So it's not out now after all, but sure looks like something to look forward towards. Maybe I'll win the give-a-way for that! :~)

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