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Posted: 6/19/2009 4:11:11 PM

From: Monterey Bay

Joined: 6/18/2009

I've been fascinated by the theremin since I read about it in the November 1967 issue of Popular Electronics ( magazine. I desperately wanted one, but was just a kid at the time without the skill or the money to build one. I played clarinet for 9 years when I was a kid and then switched to keyboard. I've been working as a Software Engineer for the past 30 years.

20 years ago, I made a theremin simulator using a Macintosh computer and a Yamaha TX81Z synthesizer. I wrote a program on the Macintosh that controlled the TX81Z via a MIDI interface. It sounded just like a theremin, and could produce glissandos, vibrato, and all of the other sound effects that the theremin could produce. Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with a way to control it using hand movements. It was controlled using computer commands.

I've never had a "real" theremin until yesterday when I built an ultra-simple one. I described it in the "one chip theremin" post in the "Theremin Construction" forum. I've played a few simple tunes on it, but not very well. I'm going to practice on it and tweak it, but it may end up just being a detour on the path to building the theremin I really want.
Posted: 6/19/2009 4:55:06 PM
Joe Max

From: Oakland, California

Joined: 1/2/2009

Hi Jim, and welcome to the forum.

I'd love to try that program you wrote!
Posted: 6/20/2009 8:46:01 AM

From: Monterey Bay

Joined: 6/18/2009

Thanks, Joe. I'd love to try that program again myself. Unfortunately, that computer and all of the software on it are long gone. I still have the TX81Z though, and it is the ideal synth module for a theremin simulator. Maybe I'll rewrite that program someday.
Posted: 6/20/2009 9:32:25 PM

From: Toledo, Ohio United States of America

Joined: 2/22/2006

And, I am still here!
I play a Maxed-Out ThereMax!
Welcome To All New Members!
Good Luck!
Posted: 7/15/2009 11:31:50 AM

From: San Diego

Joined: 6/19/2009

Hi! Noob here!

I've been fascinated with the theremin since I first learned of it, and I'm looking forward to building one soon!

I'm glad to have found this forum!
Posted: 7/15/2009 12:17:00 PM

From: Escondido, CA

Joined: 2/6/2008

Welcome Abbynormal!

You are close by, maybe you could contact me directly ( to share theremin construction ideas.

Posted: 7/15/2009 12:52:41 PM

From: Fort Worth, TX

Joined: 7/10/2009

Just thought I'd post to say that I'm new here as well - so, hi all. :)

My Etherwave should be arriving within the next week...oh, the anticipation >.<
Posted: 7/15/2009 8:32:45 PM

From: Kingston, NY

Joined: 2/13/2005

Welcome everyone! So great to have a slew of new theremin friends.
Hope ThereminWorld can help and inspire, keep us posted on your theremin adeventure!

The Roll Call continues here (

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