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Posted: 2/4/2006 7:01:33 AM

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Hey everyone, i new to this forum.
I recently built the jaycar theremin with the mods by Max and it sounds great! Now that i'm hooked on theremins i've decided to use 3 in an art work for my final year at school. I've decided to use this schematic:

The only problem i have is understanding the schematic. What does the + symbol with a circle around it on 1 pin of the 2 4093's mean? Also, is the the 1uf capacitor at the end (near the Ausgang) a polarised capacitor?

Thanks for your help

Posted: 2/20/2006 3:18:55 AM

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the capacitor next to the Ausgang really is a electrolytic one with the positive pole on the left I think. Although the notation is German, it does not completely follow the DIN Standard, so not sure about this. The (+) symbols are for VDD (so in this case +9V as I can see in this picture). Here is a data sheet for the 4093:;ACTION=7;LASTACTION=6;SORT=artikel.artnr;GRUPPE=A2211;WG=0;SUCHE=4093;ARTIKEL=MOS%25204093;START=0;END=16;STATIC=0;FC=669;PROVID=0;TITEL=0;DATASHEETSEARCH=MOS%204093;FOLDER=A240;FILE=MOS4093PHI%2523PHI.pdf;DOWNLOADTYP=1;DATASHEETAUTO=;OPEN=1 .

However, I think this page shows most of the DIN symbols:
a good German->English translator can be found at

Furthermore, remember to connect the remaining pins as said in the bottom line.

Good luck!


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