building a theramin

Posted: 3/7/2006 4:42:04 AM

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Hello everyone,

I'm in year 10 at school and have recently been presented with a research task for science which involves some practical and experiment work. I am interested in learning about the theremin and was thinking of investigating some of its properties. I'm fairly inexperienced in this field however and do not know what kind of question I would be investigating, or how I would go about constructing a theremin. If anyone could help, my email is Thanking you!
Posted: 3/15/2006 12:07:35 AM

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The pertinent issues involve radio theory, generating electronic audio tones, and the basic workings of a traditional theremin. Look up OSCILLATOR, HETERODYNE, FREQUENCY, and THEREMIN.

As for building a theremin, you'll have to balance your ambition and ability against your pocketbook. This could get a little expensive!
Posted: 3/15/2006 12:26:07 AM

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The easiest way to get started is build a kit. I notice that Arthur Harrison has a relatively inexpensive kit available with lots of information with it. His site is also a good one for general information on theremins including the original RCA Theremin. Check it out at:

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